All About Mike Buys Hawai’i Homes 

Well, the main reason anyone takes a risk to start a company is to make money…and guess what? We’re no different!  But we learned something along the way since we started buying houses for cash.  Here’s what we learned:

We learned that this business is just as much about the people as it is about the money. 

BOOM! Look, no one starts a business to lose money (thank you, Captain Obvious!).  The only way we stay in business is by making money.  However, we really saw the people-side of things when we bought a house for cash from Beverly.  Beverly is a widowed woman who owed $7,000 in back taxes AND a delinquent loan that she didn’t know her deceased husband took out.  It was then we quickly realized that this business can help real people with real needs with real solutions.  She was so relieved when we bought her house and closed fast.  She paid off her debts and hopefully she no longer needs to drive for Lyft.  Here’s what she wrote after the transaction:

“The recent experience I had working with Mike was phenomenal. Rarely have I met anyone as kind and pleasant-speaking as Mike, and if in the future there comes a time that I can refer anyone to him I will give him 5-stars plus! Thanks, Mike!” ~Beverly

This experience of buying Beverly’s house began to form something inside of us.  It began to form a philosophy of how we approach our business, and how we treat those from whom we buy houses.  We like to call our business philosophy the heartbeat of our business.

The Heartbeat of Mike Buys Hawai’i Houses

•  We are truth-seekers:  We want to be open, honest, and transparent. We will ALWAYS err on the side of truth, even if it hurts.

•  We look for win-win solutions:  When we make an offer to buy your house for cash, we want the deal to make sense for you, and for us.  We work hard to make the deal work for both sides, but if it doesn’t, then no hard feelings.

•  We have a long-term view of this business:  This a marathon, not a sprint.  This means we don’t need to squeeze every drop out of every deal.  There’s always another deal in the future, so we often leave money on the table to ensure a win-win solution.

We say “please” and “thank you”:  Politeness goes a long way (and it’s kinda disappearing).

We are creative:  There’s more than one way to skin a…well, you know.  We try to look at every offer from different angles.  Just because one way doesn’t work, doesn’t mean another way can’t.

• We are problem-solvers:  This is more than buying houses.  A house is just a thing.  Behind every house are real people with real problems.  We don’t judge or shame anyone.  We look to solve people’s real estate issues with honesty and creativity.

We Are Local

We don’t look down on those who didn’t grow up in Hawai’i.  But there is something about growing up in Hawai’i.  We share the same experiences, we often know the same people, we speak the same language, we have the same “local style.”  We like to emphasize that we’re local because you can be sure you won’t deal with someone in another state who doesn’t understand what’s happening in Hawai’i.  Nor are we some algorithm that spits out cold, hard offers without hearing your story and your situation.


We are a local house buying business that pays cash and we can close fast.

We buy houses all over O’ahu.  We will even look at homes on the neighbor islands.  No matter the condition or the situation, you will receive a fair cash offer for you home.  Our process is simple and transparent.  Have confidence that we will work with you to come up with a win-win solution to buy your house.

A little about Mike…

Mike was born and raised in Hawai’i.  He grew up in the Kaimuki area and played football, basketball, and baseball.  Mike graduated from ‘Iolani and UH.  He’s married to his wonderful wife and has three sons.  He likes to travel and he enjoys hanging out with family and friends.

Mike continues to build his network of real estate professionals to help effectively buy Hawaii houses for cash.  This is something he can’t do alone – it takes a team effort.

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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