“The recent experience I had working with Mike was phenomenal. Rarely have I met anyone as kind and pleasant-speaking as Mike, and if in the future there comes a time that I can refer anyone to him I will give him 5-stars plus! Thanks, Mike!”


We Buy Houses, and We Help People

Here are some real-life examples of how we helped people with their real estate needs.  Because we buy houses fast with cash, we were able to get them out of their situation.

  A tired landlord who no longer wanted to deal with repairs and bad tenants.  It wasn’t worth the time, effort, money, and stress to deal with this home.  He was relieved that we bought his house for cash and closed in 21 days.   

  A widowed woman who owed almost $7,000 in back taxes, and an outstanding line of credit that she didn’t know about.  We bought her house and now she’s free of this financial burden.  Hopefully, she no longer needs to drive for Lyft.

  A couple thought they were buying their dream house.  It was in really bad condition but they wanted to renovate and make it nice, but construction costs were out of control. We bought their house and they moved on to greener pastures.

  A son inherited a house from his parents, but he didn’t have the desire to deal with it. He didn’t want to fix it up and pay expensive real estate agent commissions. He was happy with our offer, we closed, and he has no worries.

  A 95-year-old woman desperately needed to move to assisted living, but she had a 3-bedroom house she couldn’t take care of.  We made a fair cash offer that she accepted and now she can live out her years without worrying about a house.

  An out-of-state landlord didn’t want to deal with shady contractors, inept property managers, and a vacant rental from so far away.  We bought her house for cash and now she can focus on her real estate portfolio in her own state.

We understand that selling a house can be costly and stressful.   And believe me, these homeowners were very relieved because we helped them solve their real estate problem by buying their house fast.

[* Full disclosure: these actual scenarios took place on the mainland, but this doesn’t mean we can’t do the same for you in Hawai’i.]

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